Best Hair Color Trends

Best Hair Color Trends

When it comes to defining beauty trends, nothing is ever really off the table. While looks naturally have a tendency to come and go, one thing that seems most anything goes is the trend in hair color. Thanks to the influence of social media, you now have the opportunity to see all of the wild changes your friends, family members, and even media influencers are making to their tresses.
How can we stay on top of current trends in hair color? Talking to some top colorists has allowed us to see a sneak peek into the next wave of color that is hitting heads everywhere. Check out these top trends; trends that are suitable for almost anyone:

The Dirty Brunette

We've been surrounded by dirty blondes for years. Now it's time for brunettes to take their place in the hair hall of fame. The dirty brunette incorporates classic chestnut tones with smoky, dark blonde highlights for a sexy, neutral look. Not over-the-top or too understated, we make the middle look absolutely fabulous.

The Cool Brunette

Cool undertones and wispy highlights do wonders for formerly mousy brown hair. The cool brunette has aspirations, and her luxurious tresses lead her into her courageous day with a sense of adventure that is as "cool" as she is. Rock on, diva: You look the part with this beautiful, rich shade.


The Dark Blonde

There are so many shades of dark blonde right now, it's hard to pick a favorite. Low maintenance, pretty, and a great way to winterize your blonde locks. Otherwise known as the "chocolate chip cookie" look, this blend of highlights and lowlights is almost drool-worthy to behold, and it will carry you through more than just winter season as you look forward to spring once more.

Dusty Copper

Let's face it; red hair is always stunning. While it takes a strong person to rock the more fiery shades of red that exist, a dusty copper look is a muted version of red that is more easily integrated into your fashionable looks. Warm but not over the top, this shade is guaranteed to brighten the most lackluster complexion and give you that allure that you desire.

Antique Gold

White blonde, take a backseat to those of us wanting a fresh look for blonde locks. Antique gold is one of the colors of "old Hollywood" hairstyles -- think of Grace Kelly. A mix of cool and blonde highlights, it resembles champagne as it cascades flirtatiously around your shoulders. Delicious!