Color Correction & Blonding in Mountain View

Guide to Color Correction and Blonding

When you have a hair color service done and aren’t satisfied with the changes, hair color correction services are how we fix it. The process is highly individual, with some color corrections being relatively easy while others being somewhat complex. The varying levels of difficulty in correcting colored hair is due to color combination and intensity. The more time and skill it takes for a color correction, the more it costs.
Our experienced colorists are adept at handling different sorts of hair types and corrections, from hair color disasters to situations in which the color is just a little off from what you were expecting! We can help ensure that your new, corrected hair color looks great with your skin tone and is just what you wanted.
It’s also important to note that a hair color correction doesn't merely change hair color, but is also vital to rejuvenating damaged hair. For that reason, we don’t recommend trying to do your own color correction at home! Let our hair color experts give you the help you need.
Some people may confuse color correction with color transformation. These are two different services. Color transformation involves changing from a well-done color service to another.

How to Know You Need a Color Correction 

If you notice unsatisfactory changes to your hair color after a color service, determining whether you need a color correction is important. Some instances in which you might need corrective color services include:
  • When blonde hair color changes to brass instead of a lighter tone
  • Grow-out hair strands that vary in color
  • Uneven color, or faded patches
  • Layering of colors that cause unwanted colors
We can turn your hair color mishaps into the perfect shade, and help preserve the health of your hair in the process.

When Is a Coloring Service Considered Color Correction?

Color correction involves fixing your hair color when the color services you have recently done go wrong. Colorists seek information about the Guest’s coloring service history, results they want after color correction, and the hair type. The goal is to achieve healthy hair in the right color and shade.


Telltale Signs You Need a Color Correction

Perhaps you have a DIY dyeing job that went wrong, or you have a coloring service blunder. Whatever the cause of your bad hair color or hair damage, here are some reasons you might need to have color correction done:
  • When hair is predominantly orange or faded yellow, chances are a dye session went wrong. Redheads who experience this orange color conundrum should schedule a color-correction service immediately.
  • Damaged, fragile hair can be a result of a coloring service. So, if your hair is brittle and dry and it’s also an unattractive color, you may need a color-correction service. We can also help you with deep conditioning and any other hair services you need to make your hair healthy again.
  • If you wanted to go darker, but now your hair is too dark and shoe-polish-like, then you should make an appointment with us.
  • If gray hair keeps growing even after a coloring-correction session, correcting the color to a natural state is less expensive and healthier for your hair.
  • An itchy scalp after getting your hair colored is also a sign that you need to see a hair specialist.

What Is Blonding?

At our salon, compared to full highlight and balayage, blonding is a bleach and tone which is relatively more blond in terms of the fullness of the color/blond content in the hair. It can be almost like an all over blond for short hair or very fine sections for long hair.

There are three types of blonding: Foil, Ombre and Balayage. A Foil involves blonding your hair from its roots to the end. With this blonding type, regular blonding hair retouch is essential for maintaining your desired hair color and effect.
Ombre blonding results in the hair ends being blonder than the hair roots. Another almost similar process is the low-cost maintenance Balayage, in which skillful colorists hand-paint a lightener on your hair for a specific effect.
At Essence Salon, we offer hair coloring and treatment services that look great and make you feel great about yourself! Let our professional stylists help you choose which kind of color-correction or blonding process is right for you and the look you wish to create. Schedule your salon visit today!