Full Highlights

What is full highlights?

Full highlights entails streaking the majority of the hair from the front, sides, back and possibly even the nape of the neck if desired. It can both lighten a natural brunette to a bright blonde highlight, or subtle enough to lighten only a little. Full highlights can be either dramatic or even natural depending on personal choice, so be sure to tell your stylist about the exact look you’re going for.


How light should I go?

For those seeking a more natural look to their hair, the color of the highlights shouldn't be more than two to three shades lighter than the base color and should stay within the tonal family. If the hair base is a warm tone, then the highlights should also be warm. The opposite is true for cooler tones.


What are the different styles of highlights?

  • Traditional highlights are uniform colored strands of hair, streaky or well-blended.
  • Balayage is a freehand technique where we create a natural, less symmetrical, look throughout the hair.
  • Babylights are delicate highlights placed near the hairline to give a shimmer of color.
  • Lowlights are added to darker portions of the hair and usually combined with highlights to give contrast and dimension.
  • Ombré is either the gradual or striking darker color near the roots to a lighter tone at the ends of the hair.
  • Sombré is a low-maintenance color that is a softer, more natural look of the ombré. It looks great on brunettes.


What Styles Can I Choose From?

A guest can opt for balayage, a natural-looking style, or foils, a more structured choice. Our professional stylists can help you understand your options so you can make the best choice for your personal style.

What is the Highlighting Process Like?

Highlights are either applied freehand (balayage) or brushed onto and folded in foils. 

Whether you want blonde highlights or a fashion color, a dramatic change or something more subtle, Essence Salon’s highlighting services can help you achieve a style that will enhance your natural beauty. Book online today!