Guide on Scalp Treatments

Scalp Treatment

A healthy scalp is essential to strong and beautiful hair. Reducing stress, eating the right food and using the right products are steps to have a healthier scalp. Better yet, get professional scalp treatment for better results.

What Is a Scalp Treatment?

A scalp treatment involves exfoliating the scalp to remove flakes or dead skin cells. The products used for scalp treatment can include a hair mask, scrub or spray. These products are specially formulated to take care of the hair roots, promoting hair growth.
Get a scalp treatment when you have a dry or flaky scalp. When your scalp is itchy, this usually means it's time to visit your favorite salon for a hair treatment. You can also use Kerastase or Oribe Serene scalp treatment products; they're effective at treating scalp-related problems and ensuring you maintain a healthy scalp.

How Often Should You Use Scalp Treatment?

Regular scalp treatment is recommended — preferably every 2 weeks. Doing this may treat hair loss and other scalp problems. However, ensure you're using it correctly to achieve the best results. Getting a scalp treatment doesn't just help with hair growth, it can also reduce dandruff. It unclogs the hair follicles, treating dry and irritated scalp.

Using a Scalp Treatment Product

When using a hair mask, make sure you shampoo first before applying the product to your hair. Don't put the hair mask on the scalp; instead, apply it from the mid-shaft down. Don't forget to comb your hair thoroughly after applying the treatment. Depending on the product, you may need to leave it on for 10 or 30 minutes and even overnight. Don't forget to read the label and follow the instructions to get your desired results. 
While buying the right scalp treatment products can help, we recommend still visiting the salon to ensure you receive the proper hair treatment. Just like your skin, your scalp also needs some TLC. This is where we come in. Essence Salon offers Kerastase and Oribe Serene scalp treatments. Call us to schedule a service