Guide to Picking a Men's Hairstyle

Guide to Men's Hairstyles

Picking a men’s hairstyle isn't just about which one you want. It’s also important to choose one that best complements your face. The team at Essence Salon in Mountain View, California, can help you pick a hairstyle that works for you and your fabulous features, whether you want a minor change or a dramatic one.


What Are the Face Shapes, and How Do I Tell Which One I Have?

Men’s faces typically fall into one of seven different face shapes:
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Diamond
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Heart
  • Oblong
Considering the many possibilities, you may think it's hard to determine which face shape you have. However, our stylists have years of experience and can easily identify your face shape, so we can suggest a flattering hairstyle.
If you want to figure out your own face shape before you come in, grab a fabric tape measure, a pen and a piece of paper. Look into a mirror while you’re measuring to ensure accurate placement.
Hold the end of the tape measure at the center base of your chin and go up until you reach the edge of your hairline, and write down this number. Next, take the horizontal measurements by measuring across the widest part of your forehead, from one cheekbone to the other, then from one side of your jaw to the other. Note these measurements alongside the vertical one.

Measurements of Each Face Shape 

Comparing these measurements to the characteristics of the different face shapes helps you determine your shape. For example, a triangle face shape involves a cheekbone measurement that’s less than the jaw but more than the forehead, while the heart shape has a cheekbone measurement that’s less than the forehead but more than the jaw. With an oval face shape, the horizontal measurements are all less than the vertical, but the forehead is slightly larger than the jaw measurement. A round face shape has rounded face edges, so the horizontal and vertical measurements are about the same.
The diamond face shape involves the cheekbones measuring more than both the jaw and forehead measurements; whereas, the square face shape has all the horizontal and vertical measurements about the same but with a sharp facial structure. The horizontal measurements are approximately the same with an oblong face shape, but they’re all less than the vertical measurement.

Which Hairstyle Suits Me?

The hairstyle you get should complement your face shape and features. Start by deciding what type of hairstyle you want. For instance, do you want hair that’s longer on the top than on the sides or shoulder-length, wavy hair? When you show up for your appointment, let our stylist know your preferences, so we can help you determine what would be ideal for you.

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