Haircuts to Fit Every Style

Whether you're just due for a trim, or you want a completely new look, you've certainly come to the right place. Haircut trends are changing all the time, and we keep up with the latest developments so we can help our customers look their best and feel fabulous.

Knowing what you have to work with and knowing your hair's unique texture and face shape will do much to find you a cut and style that work perfectly for you. Whether you have fine, thick, layered, or curly hair, one of our top-notch stylists can work with you to determine which stylish and trendy cut will look best with your hair type and features and get you noticed. 

Check out these unique and refreshing haircut styles, one of which is sure to be your next great look:

Chandelier Layers

This soft, classy look will work with almost every hair texture and type. Starting with medium to long-length hair, these layers fall evenly and precisely, ending in graduating layers to frame your face. The result? Hair that flows with form and movement, and doesn't ever flatten or dull, despite the demands of your day.

Classic Bob

The classic, strong bob is on the rise again. A bob haircut can be cute or edgy, making a statement for both the wearer and to anyone who sees it. Cool is the new sexy. If you have thick hair, your stylist can thin it out before styling in this fashion.


Whether long or short, thick or thin, the shag is in, baby. Shagadelic hair may have started in the sixties and seventies, but it is working its way well into the new millennium with an array of colors, styles, and lengths. Do what works well for you and your maintenance schedule; if you find that you don't have time for a lot of preening, consider doing a short shag for those on-the-go styles that you need. If your ideal is to be feminine and sexy, opt for a longer shag that gives you more options for wearing and styling.


We may have hated them when we were kids, but they are back, and this time, they just may stay. Curtain bangs, short, sweet, wispy, curly -- the options for style are endless with bangs. Blend them in with your current style, and you have a face-framing technique that will only enhance your natural beauty.

Shaggy Pixie Cut

For those of us blessed with thin, fine, hair, we don't get many chances to celebrate this unique texture. Enter the pixie cut -- perfect wispy layers frame the face, while the entire head is cropped short to look whimsical and chic all at the same time. The pixie tends to look best on oval and heart shaped faces.

Full and Curly

Those of us with naturally curly hair have every reason to embrace our luscious locks now: Full and curly is in! Enhance those curls with soft layers, or use a curl enhancing lotion and diffuser for the ultimate in lovely locks.

Regardless of the look that you choose, commit to it wholeheartedly and rock your new hairstyle. There have never been more options when it comes to cut, style and color. You have the ultimate say when it comes to what you will be sporting this season, so go bold and beautiful! Book online today or call our salon for an appointment for your next great haircut.