Men's Hair Care and Tips

Since 2005, Salon Essence has been styling men's and women's hair in the San Francisco Bay area. We provide a comprehensive range of hair salon services, such as hair cutting, styling, and coloring.
If you want to maintain your good looks, you need to care for and style your hair appropriately. Here are six important simple hair care tips for men to help you step up your game.

1. Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day

Many men develop a habit of shampooing daily because they believe they should clean their hair whenever they take a shower. However, your scalp produces oils that nourish, safeguard and maintain the health of your hair. Too much shampooing removes those oils, leaving your hair looking lifeless, brittle and weak. If you use a harsh shampoo containing parabens, sulfates, or very drying detergents, or if your hair is naturally dry or thin, this is something to be concerned about. We're not recommending that you completely omit the shampoo (your hair gets dirty, sweaty, and gross — washing is a must). If you have short hair, you don't need to wash it every day, but the longer your hair is, the more often it needs shampooing.

2. The Basics: Shampoo and Conditioner

According to experts, preserving your hair is essential. Using shampoo on its own might damage or dry up your hair, leaving it more prone to attracting oil and grime. Shampoo more often if your hair still seems too greasy. Reduce the frequency of shampooing if your hair is too dry. Use conditioner with each wash to lock in moisture.

3. Don't Use Two-in-one Products

Two-in-one shampoo/conditioners are popular because they save time, yet they damage hair. These solutions are ineffective since shampoo cleans and conditioner hydrates. They're harder on hair and clean without moisturizing. Buying shampoos and conditioners separately may be more expensive and time-consuming for healthy hair but it's worth following. Your hair washing routine should start with hydration by using a conditioner that stimulates moisture and is mild on sensitive scalps. After every wash, use a conditioner, but never shampoo and conditioner together. The shampoo will contradict the conditioner's healing powers. Instead, shampoo, apply a nickel-to-quarter-sized amount of conditioner, comb through, and wait a minute before rinsing. If your hair needs extra moisture, you may condition it on days you don't wash it.

4. Be Gentle When Towel-drying Your Hair

Vigorously towel-drying your hair, particularly if you already have abundant hair, might do more harm than good. Use the towel to dab the area rather than massage it. Being excessively rough may reduce volume on all hair types, particularly thinning hair, and make curly or wavy hair frizzy. If you're like most guys, you use a towel to thoroughly wring out your hair after you've washed and/or condition it. Please don't!
Towel-rubbed wet hair stretches above its breaking point. Some hair becomes trapped in the towel's threads. Aside from split ends and frizziness, this causes damage to the hair's outer layers. Instead, gently stroke your hair in the direction it grows as you pat dry it after shaking away the extra water.

5. About That Blow-dryer: You Should Use One

When it comes to blow-drying their hair, most males don't think about it, but they really should. According to experts, you should blow-dry any hair over two inches long, particularly if you're attempting to wear it up and off your forehead. If you're using a hairdryer, pay attention to the direction of the airflow and aim the dryer in that direction. Instead of focusing on getting your hair dry, think about the direction you want it to go.
For those with finer hair, blow-drying may help add volume and form. It takes some time to acclimate to using a blow-dryer, but the effort is well worth it. A blow-dryer may help prepare hair for a variety of styles by adding volume and shine while also providing the sculpting power for men seeking fuller or more polished looks.

6. Don't Overdo It With Products

Using hair gels, waxes and hairspray to achieve the desired style and appearance is quite acceptable. However, using more products than you really need might make your hair seem thick and unnatural, so stick to the recommended amount.
Here is a simple guide to hair products so you can choose the best ones for your hair type:
•    Gel: This product gives you a persistently moist appearance and has a high shine and hold.
•    Putties: These options are less rigid than gels and have a higher grip and lower shine.
•    Wax: Without a doubt, wax keeps your hair in place. Because it is oil-based, it is more difficult to remove from your hair.
•    Pomade: Pomade has a high gloss and is excellent for creating nostalgic aesthetics. Compared to other products, pomades often have a weaker grip.
•    Paste: You should consider using paste if your hair is medium to long. Typically, it hold with a medium shine.
•    Clays and muds: Muds and clays often have less shine since they are drier than other products for men's hair. Clays and muds come in a variety of holds, from low to high and all in between.
•    Sea salt mist: Sea salt spray is an excellent choice for generating naturally moving, textured matte hair.

What Products Does Essence Salon Recommend?

Use high-end products such as pastes from Oribe and shampoo and conditioner from Kerastase. Oribe offers gels, waxes, pastes and pomades. While pastes are favored over gels, they come in a variety of varieties for soft, silver (gray hair) and stiff hair (Serene line as well). Purchasing locally is excellent and often results in a discount. The Genesis and Discipline lines from Kerastase are two excellent examples. Overall, Nutri is nice, although Hydra would be better for oilier hair.
If you need any further information contact us at Essence Salon today! We can give you the hair you dream of.